• Player's Sword
  • Short ranged melee weapon
  • Has a three swing combo that requires precise timing in order to pull off.
    • Each subsequent successful swing does more damage.
      • First Swing: 2
      • Second Swing: 8
      • Third Swing: 16 (up to +12 with upgrades)
    • Sword requires you to stand still so make sure you're certain you're in the right place before you begin swinging.
  • Mining Mace
  • Not generally designed to be a weapon. It's main usage is to scavenge the land for elements and other items to repair your ship and/or heal your character.
  • Repulse Cannon
  • Shoots a long range attack that returns to the player dealing a significant amount of damage on the way back.
  • Generally suggested that the player shoot this in-between the enemies' attacks so you can get in-between the shot's return and the enemy.
  • Damage output:
    • Pre-bounce: 8
    • Post-bounce: 8
    • Damage during it's return to the player: 34 (up to +12 with upgrades)